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About Groundwork

“Consistency paired with a strong focus on fundamentals, simple nutritional guidelines, and community support all play key factors in our client’s sustainable success.” – Tyler Johnson

Groundwork seeks to improve quality of life through functional fitness. Obesity and lack of physical activity concern individuals of all ages and physical capabilities. In order to help cultivate a sustainable passion for health and fitness for all abilities, Groundwork focuses on fundamentals while incorporating fun and diversity in every training session. Our goal is to provide the highest quality outdoor fitness programming in San Diego.

Groundwork was developed by USAW Certified Olympic Sports Performance Coach Tyler Johnson. Working outdoors as a trainer and adventure guide in weight loss and fitness industries has contributed to a unique perspective on fitness. Originally specializing in young adult weight loss Tyler developed other skills in sports performance coaching, endurance training, and olympic weightlifting to give Groundwork an effective, diverse and fundamentally strong foundation.

Groundwork’s “ground-based” movements contribute to FULL BODY development through:

  • Time efficiency – One exercise working multiple muscle groups
  • Developing kinesthetic awareness and proprioception
  • Increasing neural adaptations such as muscle recruitment and synchronization
  • Increasing joint mobility and tissue flexibility
  • Exceptional fat burn and muscle development

Groundwork Fitness Development streamlines the weight loss process while greatly increasing fitness/athleticism and reducing the potential for injury. Our dynamic fitness program also promotes mobility and flexibility of the spine, joints, and connective tissues.